<Oscar Calderon> <strong>Applications Developer</strong>

About me

I'm a software developer from La Libertad, El Salvador, Central America, America, Planet Earth :) .

Where's El Salvador located?

As a software developer, i enjoy to code. For hours. And meat. Pizza is good too. Even better, a Meat Lovers from Pizza Hut or a Carnivore Pizza from Papa John's.

But, more than coding, i enjoy solving problems. I'm good at identifying needs, generating them, or listening yours.

And for those needs, it's a challenge (and an enjoyable one) to think about a solution for it. To automate it, to optimize it, to simplify it, to make it easier.

I like to get things done. I'm a doer, rather than a thinker. But, besides getting things done, I like to do things in the best way possible.

8 years of experience working on IT industry have helped me on doing things better, learning more things, and enjoying life doing what i like.

So, if you are looking for somebody to find a solution for your need or problem, done in the best way possible, contact me.

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